Stereotypes Of Native American Sports

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Sitting beside his grandmother, Patrick listens to her recount the life her ancestors lived before coming to America, the Land of the Free. Every word that fell from her mouth expressed such passion, a passion for her family history. He heard the pride in her voice as the story continued. He learned his family was built on strength and kindness, characteristics that still remain. Listening to this story for years, the boy grew up with the same pride in his Irish family that his grandmother conveyed. Just as Patrick remembers his grandmother’s story, many Native Americans recall the tales of the past told for generations. Their pride carries on through every aspect of their culture, one unique to every tribe. Although Americans, such as Patrick, …show more content…
Indians, who just like other nationalities, cherish their people’s history in addition to the culture they display today. Unfortunately, American athletics have invaded their heritage with stereotypical mascots. This oppression would never be accepted if another race was targeted, however, this “free” country allows for inaccurate depictions of Native Americans every season of every sport. The Washington Redskins display prejudice for the entire nation to see, an act that shows approval for discrimination. Similarly, the Florida State University Seminoles devalue Native Americans with an inconsiderate mascot. Americans must become educated on this topic, recognizing the injustice expressed by Native American mascots. This implies the comparison of animals and people as equivalent. No person, no matter their race, should ever have to deal with the discrimination the athletic world presents with these mascots. America stands as a country of equality and freedom. Nonetheless, Native American mascots prove inequality true within this country as sports cage American Indians. Obey the foundation of America and grant Native Americans justice by banning such mascots. They are people and no person deserves this treatment. Free a strong culture from its captivity in American

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