Essay on The Amnesty For Child Soldiers Act

1109 Words May 14th, 2015 null Page
I am an eighth grader from Sherwood Middle School and I’m writing this letter to try to help with a decision with the amnesty for child soldiers act. Children who have gone to war have destroyed families and terrorized innocent people, they shouldn’t be welcomed back into society. When some people look at child soldiers, they may believe that the children shouldn’t be punished for the crimes that they had committed because they were forced to do them. These people believe that because they were forced to kill, that the child aren’t responsible for their crimes, however, when the child soldiers aren’t punished, the terrorists will use them for worse crimes. Child soldiers have been trained through their entire lives to hurt and terrorize people. These children that have been trained are unable to stop their violent intentions that they have been gained throughout their lives. All children that have gone to war have gained some type of mental damage. This mental damage makes them unable to be trusted with common tasks in society. Children that have gone to war have terrorized families and relished in the thought of the death they have brought, and with the examples that have been shown by child soldiers that have already been captured, they shouldn’t be welcome back into society.

People may believe that just because a child was forced to commit a war crimes, that they aren’t at fault for anything that they are not responsible for the people that they killed.…

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