The American Tool & Die ( At & D ) Essay

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The decision concerning the termination or the moving of the company from Michigan to Mississippi seems to be a controversial one in this case. From one perspective, the American Tool & Die (AT&D) has a profound culture and tradition that it values intensively. That is the culture of sustaining the local population that it has served as regards to generations since it was established in the year 1912. However, there is a dire need for discussion at the company level before alternative stakeholders are into the process (Barret, 2009). There are two prime characters that are expected to make and facilitate the presentation of the decision in front of the organisation. From this context, the father and the daughter are of ultimate importance to the company.
First, the Father has a lengthy history and experience working with the company. He fathoms the demands of the company to remain in Michigan. From a sorted portfolio of arguments, the Father may have his reasons for wanting to move closer to the foreign automakers, Toyota. The case study also depicts that the daughter, Mueller, has a straight forwards approach to issues. It is that she considers issues with the “adapt or die” attitude. The decision, in this case, is likely to cause more harm to the company’s reputations and profile in Michigan. That is feasible especially if the decision made and presented at the company does not favour some plight of the employees. It is that they are identified as part of the company’s…

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