The American Revolution And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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The American Revolution lasted from 1765 to 1776 until the Americans finally decreed independence from Britain through the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. This significant document was written by Thomas Jefferson who wrote about the unalienable rights about the colonists and listed the tyrannic deeds done by King George III to the colonists. Many of these deeds listed were valid to an extent but it was also very one-sided and biased. America had the right to become independent, however the charges leveled in the Declaration of Independence against the King were too biased and one-sided to be valid reasons for independence. Economically, the charges against the king were not valid because the British had the right to economically control the colonies. As the mother country, Britain had the right to control the colonies’ tax and trade. The colonies’ protests against the tax and trade were unjust and irresponsible. It was their duty as a colony to help the mother country with the debt they accumulated through the French and Indian war. It may have been unfair to the colonies but the colonists took it way too far. Trade between Great Britain and North America shows proof that the colonists’ boycotting during 1775 for the Stamp Act majorly damaged Britain’s economy and power. (Doc. B) The colonists should have been grateful that the taxes they had to pay were not as great as the one the Britons had to pay. After the Stamp Act, according to Examination of Benjamin…

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