The American Political System As A Wild Horse Controlled By The Constitution

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Many citizens commonly view the American political system as a wild horse controlled by the Constitution, a comprehensive document written by the framers. They reference the intent of the Founding Fathers, specifically, how they would be ashamed of the modern presidency. However, in actuality, the Founding Fathers would not only recognize but also approve of the modern presidency because it is largely what they expected.
At the time of the Founding Fathers, the American citizens recognized that the Articles of Confederation, which had laid the foundation for the United States needed to be significantly altered. The Articles of Confederation, which once held the states together, was no longer capable of holding the nation together without a clear central figure and other necessary functions. Nearly each of the delegates agreed on the need for a president, to be the executive of the new nation.
The Founding Fathers expected the presidency to become a strong executive branch of government. In May of 1787, the Constitutional Congress began and forever changed the shape and scope of American politics. The delegates came together with a vision of a strong central government, but no clear or detailed plan on how to accomplish it. At the time, they had recognized through their experiences that the state’s legislative branch of government slowly became the most powerful branch. The legislature controlled the actions of both the judicial and executive branches of government. With the…

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