Essay about The American National Election Survey Sample

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From how the average voter voices how their decided on their opinion, it is hard to state that the citizens of America can be evaluated across multiple policy areas. Contrary to the optimistic evaluation of many scholars who believe that policy as a whole and location on the political spectrum is most important to which way a voter votes, it is instead correct rather to say that each individual policy will sway individual voting blocks, “single-issue voters” are a frighteningly large margin of total voters. Politicians appear to recognize this often taking stances such as the pro-life stance which is used to win over the evangelical demographic or promising welfare increases to win over inner-city populations. This pattern of voting is shown in the American National Election Survey sample where there is a Republican who states he voted on the policies of “Spending” for the individual policy of fixing the major debt crisis going on at the time. This view on the competency of the populace to make decisions from only relevant issues to themselves is detailed by Popkin in Information Shortcuts and the Reasoning Voter stating “But voters may have very detailed knowledge about matters that directly affect their lives. Farmers, for example, gather the information on their own businesses in great detail- not because they are better citizens, but because they are independent managers and the information necessary for management is directly related to government policy.” (Popkin,…

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