Essay on The American High School Across America

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In high schools across America, students are first exposed to the dismaying trend of anti-intellectualism through the concepts of tracking and career placement, political correctness, cultural parallels, educational values, and curriculum standards like Common Core. Disturbing aspects common to this trend are standardization of curricula and a limited point of view when investigating ideas and and drawing conclusions. In many peoples’ opinion, America is turning towards Socialist ideas and those with different ideas and opinions outside the norm are being discriminated against. Students are being pushed to master concepts that improve test scores and grade point averages (GPA) instead of learning basic intellectual thought for the sake of understanding the world. The American high school education produces students who have anti-intellectual thought processes and beliefs. An anti-intellectual is a person who resists intelligent people or intelligent concepts (“Anti-intellectual”). Anti-intellectuals take a more conservative approach by using ideas that are already proven to be true like oil being the best source of energy or staining a fence is best done by using a paintbrush instead of a sprayer. The goal for an anti-intellectual is to ignore new ideas and promote a way of life that is the same throughout the world. Anti-intellectualism is counter-productive and hinders the development of new ideas. It destroys unique cultures by stifling and standardizing peoples’…

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