The American Federal System Of Government Essay

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Essay 1 The American federal system, as stated in the book, “is a system of government in which the nation government shares power with the lower levels of government, such as state.” In the American federal system there are different branches of government that oversee each other. There is a system that we have implanted that is called Check and Balances. It is the separation of powers between the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive branch. The way checks and balances work is that the congress are able to pass laws but the president has the power to veto. The president can nominate Supreme Court justices, but they have to approved by the senate. The Supreme Court can void laws that have been passed by the congress by declaring them unconstitutional. Congress can also have the power to impeach federal officials and the president. There is also dual-federalism, which can be described as a layered cake, where the federal government and the state government have a “wall” between them and usually the states have more of a say. Then there is cooperative federalism, described as a marble cake, where the state and federal government work together, but in this case the federal government has more of a say. Deciding to choose between dual and cooperative federalism usually depends on the situation. An example of dual federalism would be The Dred Scott decision made and an example of cooperative federalism is the passing of the affordable healthcare act, known…

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