The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream is an accomplishment that everybody wants to say they have. Their are people that come to America just for that reason; however it is a rude awakening for many. It is not easy to accomplish this dream their is still discrimination in the work place, which makes it very difficult. Their are success stories of the American Dream, but that is all that is being heard. Society does not hear that much about the discrimination that still occurs in todays world. This dream is not impossible, however it is easier for some people over the another group of people A lesbian couple was expecting their first baby. Now in their workplace it was traditional for one of the co workers to make a card for them and everybody would sign it to show that they are happy for the couple. However the manager always throws the coworkers baby shower or has some type of gift for them. When the manager found out that Lisa and Tina were gay she threw away the card and canceled the shower. The manager was not happy and did not agree with their life stye, and furthermore wrote them up for disrupting the company. The lesbian couple then called Human resources for discrimination because of their sexuality. Human resources had contacted the manager took away the write up and told her that discrimination is not allowed. Even though human resources handled the situation, this still showed how discrimination is still active in todays society. Human resources handled the situation by taking…

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