The Amendment Of The Fourteenth Amendment Essays

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There is a lot of controversy regarding the 2nd Amendment. People believe that the 2nd Amendment is “the right to bear arms”, which gives them the right to carry whatever type of fun they wish and is vague on the reasons as to why. This is not the case. Many Americans are unaware of the entire Amendment. The only thing that remains clear is that it is extremely outdated. In order to keep the 2nd Amendment, while keeping our rights secure, reform must occur. Or maybe the best idea, is to get rid of the Amendment completely, like the Australian government did.
Unfortunately, if I were to go up and ask anyone what the 2nd Amendment was, most likely, they would only be able to give me half. That half being, “the right to bear arms”. The rest of the Amendment is unknown to most, which gives us a false understanding about what the Amendment really means. The full amendment in the Constitution states “[a] well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. Now this definitely does not mean “the right to bear arms”, where everyone is allowed to own a gun, because of what the 2nd Amendment states. In order to have a good understanding, we must acknowledge the entire 2nd Amendment, not bits and pieces. Now one must not forget, that this Amendment was written in the 1700s’, where a “militia” was needed and fully understood. A “militia” at that time, was formed by regular people who brought…

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