The Adventures Of Felix By Olivier Ducastel And Jacques Martineau, And Tomboy

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In the films The Adventures of Félix, directed by Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, and Tomboy, directed by Céline Sciamma, both protagonists go through a journey of self discovery and identity searching. Though very different in the substance of the story, the theme is relatively similar, covering concepts ranging from prejudice and peer inclusion or rejection to family tensions and romantic interests. Félix’s story follows him on his own, continuously meeting new people with whom he shares his narrative. His journey of self discovery has the guise of paternal discovery, but as it progresses, it is clear that it is all about Félix finding himself. To contrast, Laure/Mikaël goes through their journey with the same group of people, their family and the new friends they make in the beginning of the film. It’s a more obvious self-discovery plotline, focusing almost singularly on Laure/Mikaël and not on those around them. In spite of the many differences between the two characters, the narration of the stories in both films brings our striking similarities. Félix has the features of an Arab French person, and this is a part of his journey. He starts out the story in Northern France, where he lives, which is far more white than areas farther south in France. His absent mysterious father’s last known address is in Marseilles, located in Southern France, where there are more people of color, given its proximity to and France’s history with Africa. The film brings…

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