Essay on The Advantages Of Homeschooling : Homeschooling

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The Advantages of Homeschooling
Homeschooling is solely made for kids who learn different or have issues at public school. Homeschooling has existed for decades because most parents were concerned about the hostile environment their child has had to endure. The idea of a child being homeschooled guarantees the parent that he or she is in a safe environment. Homeschool is far more expensive than public school, but the child has a chance to earn a better education. The biggest advantage of being homeschooled is the time student has to be prepared for school. The work time is totally dependent on the student and his or her instructor. A homeschooled student is expected to spend more time on his or her studies. There are many differences between a child being homeschooled and attending public school. The advantages of homeschool include safety, academics, and socialization.
Over the past decade, safety is one of the main issues of attending public school. Many parents feel as if homeschooling is better, because kids are safer in their own home environment. A student is less likely to be afraid of bomb threats and mass murders when he or she is homeschooled. The home setting is more comfortable for the child and with less worries he or she can learn more. Kids are bullied each and every day at schools around America. A child being homeschooled is less likely to be bullied, because he or she is in a setting by himself or herself. The pressure of using drugs from a child’s…

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