Persuasive Essay On Homeschooling

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Children Taken Out of School and Taught At Home: Homeschooling
Homeschooling involves children of school age no longer attending a public or private "brick and mortar" school system. The child/children often are taught by a parent/parents or tutor. There are an estimated 1.7 million students today learning at home. However, some experts say this number is even higher due to not all states requiring accountability for a homeschooled children. Be that as it may, it is still a drastic increase from 850,000 in 1999.(Aasen) Each homeschooler is taught at his/her level of learning. Among the realm of homeschooling, there are different options and styles of teaching available for the child. Some of those options allow the children to learn in a public setting, online classroom and even participate within a public school setting for sports, music or speech therapy. These concepts gives parents choices on how they want their child to
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Schools throughout the United States have over the years have amp up security. Now walking into the schools, there are metal detectors with book bag searches, schools with strictly mandated attire, and security guards all to keep the violence down within the school walls. Violence, drugs and bullying in schools today cause several parents to withdraw their children from public schools. After dealing with a child who is afraid to attend school because of violence, many parents opt to keep their children safe. Homeschooling provides a safe environment. ""It builds confidence because they don 't have that negative influence," said Artemae Anderson of Detroit, who has been homeschooling for 14 years. "It 's wonderful to be able to protect them from that. It makes them stronger."" (Walsh, 1) Homeschooling offers the parents an opportunity to teach those values of community citizenship and control of their environment that mainstream schools unable to

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