The Advancement Of Capitalism And The United States Essay

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Question 1: The advancement of capitalism in the United States has greatly impacted Mexican migration by providing the population with a variety of pull factors. There have been many peeking periods starting around the late 1800s and early 1900s where many immigrants, documented and undocumented, have came to the United States due to the large amount of work opportunities that it offers. In fact, many Mexican citizens were requested by U.S. employers due to the cheap labor. For example, during World War I, U.S. employers pressured the federal government to allow Mexican workers into the United States in order to help with manufacturing. This was of great help to both, the American industries and the employers. There were also time periods where the restriction of Mexican laborers was largely encouraged. For example, in the 1920s, the Department of Homeland Security created the Border Patrol which helped reduce the amount of immigrants crossing the border, and since it made the crossing a felony, the numbers of immigrants was reducing. However, during World War II, there was once more an agreement between the United States and Mexico, which allowed Mexican immigrants to work for U.S. agriculture. In these trends, there is a pattern of acceptance and rejection towards the Mexican community. To elaborate, Mexican immigrants are granted acceptance as immigrants when the United States needs cheap labor. However, during time periods where their labor is not needed, Mexican…

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