Essay on The Advanced Understanding Of Reading And Writing

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The Advanced Understanding of Reading and Writing Up until I was a sophomore in highschool, I could not stand writing papers. Whether it was for english class or document based questions in history, I just couldn’t get myself to enjoy writing. The fact that I was not any good at it definitely did not help the case. Reading wasn’t a problem for me; I didn’t mind enjoying an interesting paper but putting in the work and brainstorming my own ideas was just way too much work for me. In grade ten english, we kicked of the year reading passage out of “Walden,” by Henry David Thoreau. The book made no sense to me; I could not follow along because everything was just aimlessly written. When asked to respond in paragraphs to Thoreau’s work, I just gave up. However, my teacher then gave us an assignment in which we were not familiar with.
None of us had ever written a stream of consciousness journal. The directions of the assignment were to sit outside for thirty minutes over the weekend and mark down your thoughts. Since I consistently find myself dozing off and daydreaming, this assignment seemed perfect for me. The only thing that i didn’t understand was that I needed to keep my entries on task.
When I handed in the entry with my totally adventitious thoughts, my teacher looked at me with a puzzled grin and said, “Mr. Giuliano, the point of this assignment was not to just have you jot down a bunch of random thoughts running through your brain. You have to actually make…

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