The Administration Of Gentility And The Technical Merit Systems

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The United States of America has progressed in federal and state government laws and statures over the last 100 years. The United States of America selections for government employees has changed. The United States had six eras of administrative ways of thinking for selecting candidates. The six eras were the Administration of Gentility, Selection by Spoils, Technical Merit Systems, Expansion of Merit Principles Along with Employee Rights and Seniority, Expansion of Access, and Contemporary Selection Trends. Two of the most important eras were the Selection by Spoils and the Technical Merit Systems, these eras shaped how America government employee selections are made. According to Christopher Fenlon, most state and local government employees are protected from dismissal for political affiliation; employees found to be “policymakers” however are expected from this protection (Fenlon pg. 2295).
The term “spoils” was coined Senator William Marcy who stated “victory to the spoils.” Which when you interpret his coined phrase means “victory to the ones who were loyal.” The two parties that participated heavily in the spoils system were the Democrats and the Federalist. The Selection by Spoils was governed by President Andrew Jackson. Although started in 1820 the spoils system made no great headway until President Jackson’s Administration, in eight years removed more men from office than had been removed in the whole 40 years previous largely through the influence of Van Buren,…

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