How Did Andrew Jackson Become The Seventh President?

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Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767, in South Carolina to Irish immigrants. He was later orphaned as a child when his family died when the British invaded the Carolinas in 1780, leading him to have hostility toward Great Brittan. In his younger years, he became a young wealthy lawyer in Tennessee and the first to be elected from Tennessee to the House of Representatives. Jackson also so served in the senate. He married Racheal Robards in 1791, later being accused of adultery because his wife was not legally divorced when they got married. Andrew Jackson also served in the army, in the War of 1812 he was a Major General and became a national hero in his defeat against the British in New Orleans. This popularity led to suggestions to run for president. …show more content…
Andrew Jackson ran again four years later becoming the seventh president serving from 1829-1837. Jackson won by the popular vote, representing the common man. He was the first "self-made man" to become a president. He formed his own party, being the first democratic president. Jackson had his own personal interpretation of the constitution, reflecting on the behalf of the people. Some of his well-known political conflicts included the bank was, reassignment of his cabinet, the nullification crisis, and the Indian removal. He used his power to veto bills, leading to a stronger executive branch. He also reduced national debt without increasing taxes. Jackson sparked the Whig party, who was opposed to him and referred him to "King Andrew I". He "signaled a fundamental change in American politics", historians refer him to one of the nation's most powerful presidents. Jackson is known for the man of the people, battling against corruption. He is also the symbol of the democratic

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