Andrew Jackson Good Or Bad

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Andrew Jackson was a man who did a lot of good things for his society. Although, many people felt that Jackson was a man not worthy of being called a king. Though there were some things that Jackson did that may not have been considered very good, the good parts of what he did outweigh the bad. After much research, Andrew Jackson should definitely have been considered a king of his time, because of his many great accomplishments.

Jackson would not let any other states nullify the laws or judge them. He also did a lot of things that a common man would not have been able to do. In the picture of Jackson, where he is standing on the Constitution it shows that he had a lot of rights and was born to to be in command. Jackson being in charge made all the other people that wanted to be president look even worse, because he was so good at it. When other states wanted to judge or nullify laws Jackson didn’t want them to, because he thought they would make the laws even worse. Also, things like “If any post needed a man of the highest integrity it was this one” were said about Jackson, so the citizens and people really liked him. A lot of people back then
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He was more like a common man because he declared education to people which was unnecessary and not a requirement. Also, Jackson was a self­made man and came from an ordinary family and worked on a farm. Most of the six presidents didn't come from backgrounds like that. Jackson made it where common people could vote, and that’s why he won the elections. The common people liked how Jackson thought they should be allowed to vote. When they found out and were allowed to vote, Jackson got more people to vote for him. Jackson showed things such as, farming,and anti­banking and this lead to him becoming a popular common man . With all of this being said, Jackson had a lot of common man in him. Because of what he accomplished, he was more a king or hero than a common

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