President James Giteau's Spoils System

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Nine Thirty AM, July 2nd, 1881. President James A. Garfield was shot by Charles Giteau, a man angered after being rejected for a position in government. Giteau, a deranged supporter of Garfield, believed he deserved to be in Garfield's administration because he gave speeches during his campaign; however, after being rejected by Garfield, Giteau took action. The spoils system, which increased in popularity during President Andrew Jackson’s terms, gave government positions to those who supported their political party during the election allowing the government to become corrupt. After the assassination, the government began to realize a new system was necessary, the Pendleton Civil Service Act created laws with new requirements to ensure those up for the federal positions had the proper education and greater professionalism. This act was effective at accomplishing reform and progressive goals not only due to the fact that it ended the practice of the spoils system, allowing civil service positions to be filled based off merit, but it also reduced government corruption while increasing efficiency.
The Pendleton Civil Service Act ensured those hired were qualified reducing government incompetence. It was sponsored by Senator Pendleton of Ohio and it regulated those who were hired and ensured they had certain qualifications,
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Unfortunately, it took the tragedy of the assassination of a president to realize there was an issue in government with the current system of fulfilment of government jobs. It shed light on the fact that there was unrest over those who got selected for the position. Once President Arthur was inaugurated, he began to pass laws to solve the issue starting with the Pendleton Civil Service Act. Twelve O’Clock, September 20 1881. Garfield's successor, President Chester A. Arthur, is sworn into

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