How Did Andrew Jackson Impact Society

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Andrew Jackson, the seventh president(1829-1837) of the United States, played a huge factor in the development of America. Jackson the former founder of the Democratic Party(One of the two major political parties in the United States), become a democratic symbol for the country. Jackson ran two-terms as president, during his presidency Jackson extended executive powers and made Presidents role more powerful. Jackson was the first president not born in the United States, coming from another country as immigrants. Andrew Jackson during his presidency had a significant role in the U.S and created many policies which would make it better. Andrew Jackson was born on June 8, 1767 in Waxhaw, South Carolina, to Scotch-Irish immigrants Andrew Jackson, Sr. and Elizabeth “Betty” Hutchinson, who came from Carrickfergus(whats today modern-day Northern Ireland). Jackson played a role in the Revolutionary War at a young age as a courier. Jackson and his brother Robert were capture and held as prisoners by the British during the Revolutionary war, they would contract smallpox and Robert would die days after they were released by their mother. Jackson became an orphan when he was 14 after his mother past away because of a …show more content…
Andrew Jackson came from Scotch-Irish immigrants and lived out a surprising life. Became an orphan at age 14, he would then study law. His political career would then grow, he would be inducted in the House of Representatives, and U.S Senate. He would be nominated president lose his fist run, but won his next presidential run. Jackson presidential time was known as the nullification crisis and the "Bank War.” Made the president role more superior, lowered tax, was a war hero of 1812. He did anything for the country. Jackson was no ordinary president, he illustrated nationalism, love and devotion for his

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