The Act Of The United States Essay

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The Congress
OpenStax American Government posits that the primary responsibility of the U.S.A Congress is the making of laws. The Congress is supposed to function effectively and efficiently with the common interest at heart; however, impediments to the legislative process have always obstructed the institution’s ‘normal’ functioning. Any citizen can formulate a bill in agreement with the law (Krutz). The recent past has seen members of the Congress formulate, review, and deliberate on many bills that would later become a law of fail at a particular stage of the process. The health sector, as a major policy area, has had a fair share of bills with a view to reforming the health care system for the common interest. On 23 March 2010, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act which later came to be known as the Obamacare (Becker). While the media and the general public dissected the law and its potential impacts on the healthcare system and the lives of the citizens, little attention was paid to the process that the Act passed through before it became policy. In essence, a bill passes through approximately ten steps before finally being integrated into the system as an established policy. The legislative process begins with the ‘birth’ or formulation of a bill. As already noted, any citizen may formulate or draft a bill per the existing policy, however, only a member of the Congress is allowed to sponsor the bill for further review. It is also noteworthy that the…

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