Essay on The Achievement Of Quality Education

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Education is one of the important requirements in developing one’s self and in achieving a goal. Similarly, teachers play an important role towards the achievement of quality education. Yet, Hawaii is facing a big shortage of teachers despite the efforts of the Department of Education to employ more teachers in different schools in the state. The shortage of teachers in the State of Hawaii has been an educational problem, and along with it are the factors like insufficient salaries for teachers, complicated requirements in getting a teacher’s license in Hawaii and the high cost of living resulting in such phenomenon. These impede the quality of education in the State of Hawaii. Teaching is the noblest profession; however, the salaries for teachers in Hawaii are not attuned with the quality of work that teachers do every day. This includes their preparation for their lesson plans, checking quizzes, home works and projects of students after school, attending meeting after school and other requirements that teachers need to accomplish during their one day of work. Given these facts, most teachers are weary after a long day at work. This is one of the reasons why some teachers change career and opt to have a higher paying job. In the same way, some people do not prefer to be in a teaching profession and choose otherwise. Kubota mentioned on her report that as per Department of Education, 40 percent of teachers who has a teachers training leave within five years. Another…

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