Essay on The Academy Of Music Opera House

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The red seats were in a perfect line all the way down the aisles of the theatre, and they lead right up to that beautiful stage. They were finally there, The Academy of Music Opera House in Philadelphia. This was the place Eleanor always dreamed of playing at, and she was finally there, along with her whole family, Mom, Dad, and her beloved little sister, Sophia. They were on a family vacation to Pennsylvania, and although Eleanor was only 14 all she wanted to do was visit this famous opera house, and play the grand piano that sat on the stage. Sophia, tugged at her sister 's arm and said, “There it is Ella, there it is!” as she excitedly pointed at the beautiful grand piano. Ella was in such awe she hardly heard her mom say “Your dad and I are going to take a look at the awards center, so Ella you’re in charge of Sophie while we’re gone.”
There were a few other tourists in the theatre with them, but Ella made her way up the marble steps to the stage. Sophia was close behind, almost stepping on Ella’s heels, she stood at the front of the stage, and in her best award show announcer voice said “PLEASE WELCOME TO THE THE STAGE ELEANOR ARCHER!!!”
Ella accepted her imaginary applause and sat down on the piano bench. She placed her hands on the ivory keys, and she had never felt more excited in her life. She took a deep breath and began to play River Flows in You by Yiruma, when she looked up she saw Sophia in the front row smiling from ear to ear, and twirling around like a…

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