The Rationale Model

Going through elementary school I remember doing the 5E model during science. My teacher had all the students engaged during science and I was eager to learn more. Now that I am learning about the 5E inquiry model it makes me realize that students need to be engaged in their learning. I chose this question because I have done some previous lesson plans using the 5E model. I like to teach students by getting them active and having them do a lot of the work instead of listening to me talk the whole time. I want my students discovering what we are learning on their own so that they can connect with what they discovered, to real life events that impact them as a learner. I also chose this because I believe that students should be engaged
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The students explain what they observed and discusses with the class while the teacher is pointing out the key aspects of their explanations. The disciplinary core ideas include vocabulary, science or engineering practices, and cross cutting concepts are presented during this stage. This is how the 5E model differs from other instructional models. Other models present the disciplinary core ideas in the beginning of the lesson so students know what to look for, while the 5E model allows students to figure these out on their own making a deeper connection with the material. Prior experiences should also be used as contexts of the explanations (Bybee, …show more content…
This model can reach students who are not interested in science and get them back into science to help them become more critical thinkers. Research has provided support of using the 5E model in classrooms and that it is more effective than other models in the science classroom. I will be implementing the 5E model into my classroom. I feel that with this model the students retain more information and are able to connect with the information provided at a deeper level, than with the traditional models where the students are memorizing the information, and then after the test students forget everything that they learned. By using the 5E model it is flexible enough that I can make sure to incorporate science with any subject of my choosing. I can have science with a literacy unit using the 5E model and students will still get the full literacy lesson but will also be introduced into science and have a science class. Science is going out of schools and I want to make sure that science gets brought back into the classroom because I believe it is an important subject to have. Having science in the classroom allows students to become deeper thinkers which can in turn, help them in other subjects. Also, the students can build the knowledge of asking deeper levels of questioning, which can bring rich discussions into the classroom during literacy or math lessons. I want to help my students

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