The 3 Reflections Of Humanity Essay

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The 3 Reflections of Humanity World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a novel written by Max Brooks. It was released in 2006 and the title was used in a film starring Brad Pitt in June 2013. This novel is about an interviewer meeting people around the globe, writing about what they’ve experienced during the zombie apocalypse. In addition, the interviews talk about how social, survival and political changed after they were affected by the apocalypse. Even though that there are many stories to choose from, only three of my favorites strongly reflect how people respond and behave during a crisis. The first story that reflects how people respond to crisis is the Kondo Tatsumi story, but let me first talk about his backstory. Kondo Tatsumi used to be a teenager from Kyoto, Japan who loved to spend his time on his computer. Next, when the zombie plague hit, his country made in-depth studies about the zombies and this helped him later on, since citizens memorized what they were taught. Then, he used his knowledge when crisis hit after his minor emotional breakdown and used bedspread sheets to escape from his apartment complex. Although he had an escape plan, Kondo faced a few challenges during the escape. Then, Kondo was lucky enough to find a katana to help him escape the complex and eventually meets Tomonaga Ijiro. Together they get rid of zombies in Japan. Finally, let’s move on to why his story is important. The reason why Kondo Tatsumi’s story reflected…

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