Thank You For Your Comments Essay

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Thank you for your comments. It has made me rethink my PICOT question. In my mind, I was thinking about practices aiming for safe outcomes and when I worded the question my thoughts must have jumbled. Safe delegation meaning ineffective delegation and effective delegation meaning safe delegation. So my PICOT question should have read: In hospitals, how does RN 's effective delegation skills compared to ineffective delegation skills of patient care tasks to UAP affect patient outcomes?
In the literature I found some key elements that influence effective delegation. For effective delegation, RNs need to be aware of staff 's legal job definitions and job descriptions, as well as their willingness to accept the delegation of task in question, and whether it is legitimate to delegate the task in question Kæenested & Bragadóttir, 2012). Trust, mutual understanding, and reciprocal communication are identified as fundamentals of effective delegation (Kæenested & Bragadóttir, 2012; Lancaster, Kolakowsky-Hayner, Kovacich, & Greer-Williams, (2015). It is cited by Saccomano and Pinto-Zipp (2011) that forty-one percent of RNs in the US report that they were not exposed to delegation and supervision content in their nursing curriculum. It is a skill that either was not taught or developed. Collaboration among physicians, RNs, and assistive personnel is another element that can enhance effectiveness of care given to patients (Lancaster et al., 2015). Level of confidence in…

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