Essay on Thank You For Taking The Time

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Thank you for taking the time to meet with our team today. Although short, it was a great opportunity to hear your viewpoints.

At the risk of my continued tenure within this organization, and much contemplation, I feel compelled to speak up. Regarding your question about the “5 Behaviors” training that our team recently completed. First, let me state, this is NOT a letter of complaint in any way. On multiple occasions, I have been advised that there is an L&D perception that I speak inappropriately – which is why I no longer give feedback.

Regarding your question about the value of the recent “5 Behaviors” training

OVERALL FEEDBACK: Brandon did a great job facilitating.
• Lengthy course; Actionable, evidence-based steps needed that are tied to performance – for the team members.
• Reasonable timeframes for improvement needed.
• We needed a strong Level-set that “no job, no work is perfect” message.

POSITIVE OBSERVATIONS: I believe that Kim H., Daryl and Melissa listened to many of the issues brought forth during those session. Several of the more tenured team members were quite vocal about issues they have encountered during the 5 Behaviors training. • Kim H. specifically stated that she would follow-up and address with her direct managers. Improvement: As a result, Daryl gathered his team together (several times) and publically stated that Kim tasked him with improving communications within the group, and addressing individual issues highlighted…

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