Thank God It 's Day Essay

1286 Words Feb 13th, 2015 null Page
Beep beep beep beep! The alarm reads 5:30 time to get up she thrust her hand towards the alarm clock to turn it off. She leans over and gets up slowly yawning and stretching out her nights rest, thank god it’s Friday she says joyfully only half a day of work and I’m done, weekend here I come. As she’s almost done getting ready she remembers to bring her rig boots and fire retardant suit, today there going out to a rig site and look around at what the riggers do all day and what equipment they use. One thing she loves about going out onto the field is she gets to see all the different rocks and dirt that come from the earth’s crust, it’s so fascinating. She is also delighted she’s not at a desk looking at paper work and using word to make well boards like her usual work days go threw out the week, and after their taking them out to lunch and her day is done. Then she gets to go home and do whatever she wants. Sounds simple and easy don’t it, a dream job that’s only half a day and you get fed after. Nothing is as it seems, sometimes the reason why something is so easy is because they got through all the hard part first then it becomes easy. Laurie Taxiarchou said “every day is different depending on what is happening with certain projects. An overall perspective is that it will be your responsibility to come up with a plan on how to make things function in the most efficient way. It is very common for unexpected events to happen, so don’t be worried about being bored with…

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