Book Analysis: Rosy Red Petals

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Rosy Red Petals
Briana opens her eyes as she hears her alarm clock ringing in her ears. She then jumps right out of the bed before it flips her over. It is 6:30 A.M. and she needs to get out of the house by quarter till 8 at the latest. She is dragging herself into her shower booth, luckily the bathroom is already steamed up for her. She takes a quick twenty-minute shower and runs downstairs in her robe to start her kitchen to make her breakfast and lunch. She stares at her kitchen robots working. Briana misses her Monday-no-pack-day, a day filled with Courtney’s nutritious but tasty snacks.
Mondays have been hard for Briana lately not only because of the weekly meeting she has to attend, but also because she no longer
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The roses are red and its petals has been dried up with wrinkles. Briana looks around to see if there is a note about the sender but all it says is “To Briana.” She carefully carries the glass box inside her house and gets in her car to drive to work. She barely makes it on time to her meeting but she cannot stop thinking about the roses, the velvety sweet smell from them. After the meeting, Briana walks up to the front desk to find Courtney, who works at front desk.
“Hey there, you have a nice weekend?” Courtney asks.
“My weekend was fine. I need to talk to you about something. Let’s go eat,” Briana says as she eyes Courtney’s lunch box.
“What is it? Is it about your date with Chris? You guys have a good time? I want to know all about it,” Courtney says as she grabs her lunch and rushes out of her office.
“I will tell you in a minute and it’s not about Chris, we don’t even have a second date,” Briana tells Courtney as they grab a corner table at the cafeteria. “Someone left a glass box of roses in my front door” Briana explains.
“Are you sure they’re not from Chris, because that is so romantic,” Courtney exclaims.
“No or I don’t think so. Also, the roses were dried up in a glass box.”
“Dried up roses? That doesn’t sound so romantic. You should just throw them away. Geeze I thought this was something good,” Courtney whines about
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They said something about your Memory Box® and they want you to contact them at the earliest time possible,” Mike whispers as he hands Briana a black business card with just five digits engraved in silver. He does not tell Briana that he called them over to record an anonymous message for her. Mike is glad that he had pirated a fake account to access the HomeTech™ data server before he ‘retired’ from his job. “You should come in and take a look at the glass box of roses that was left outside of my house this morning. Did those men mention anything about the roses? There weren’t any notes except the one with my name,” Briana explains. “They were here briefly and left when they received a call something. It sounded pretty serious. Do you have any guesses on who might have sent you those roses? It is quite strange of someone to send that kind of a present. You don’t know what might have end up in those petals as they were dried up,” Mike says worriedly as he sees the blank face on Briana’s face. He stays calm though. He is not going risk anything when he knows Briana is completely exposed to HomeTech™. “Oh come on Mike, they’re just roses someone had neatly dried up and I really don’t know who could’ve possibly sent me those. I should give that number a call and maybe ask them about it. They might have an idea about the sender,” Briana says and she dials the five digits on her

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