Essay on Texting

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Texting has become a detrimental tool that has provoked social interaction and intimacy. Every year, more and more people are using text messaging to communicate with their peers. In 2000, 14 billion texts were sent monthly. In 2010, 188 billion text messages were sent or received with zero sign of reduction (cite). Text messaging has become the normal way to interconnect with others. Text messaging is portable and can be used anywhere. People read and send text messages in class, on the bus, at work, in the washroom and sometimes during dates. Text messaging has become the primary way in which people communicate. It allows us to instantly communicate with peers, but withdraws us from face-to-face interaction. In today’s
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Without face-to-face communitcation, people have different identities via text messages. In a face-to-face conversation, someone would express himself or herself in a way that is honest, meaningful and valid. In contrast, when you try to text an in-depth conversation, it stops the texter from being real. This is because within a text message, it is easier to be untruthful. A text gives you time to think about answers or what you want to send back to the texter. Social interaction is slowly getting destroyed because when trying to express a feeling or talk about a serious subject, people become nervous, shy, and overthink about their reply. In addition, texting reduces the body language someone would give during a conversation. In-depth conversations are being destroyed from text messaging and as technology increases, our social interaction decrease. (PUT SOURCE/ADD QUOTE
The only way you can express an emotion via text messages are by emoticons. Emoticons are representations of facial expressions, which perform nonverbal communication meanings. Several people use emoticons to enhance the meaning and emotional aspect of their messages to compensate for issues such as physically seeing facial expressions, tone of voice and gestures. This damages our social interaction because we are not expressing ourselves face-to-face.

Throughout the day, Canadians ages 18-29 send an average of 88 text messages a day (CITE). Throughout text messages, people have created slang

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