Textbooks Vs Technology : The World Leaning Towards Being Technology Based

1135 Words Mar 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Textbooks VS Technology With the world leaning towards being technology based, many question if this will lead to full time digital learning for schools. This then leads to the battle if schools will stick with their textbooks and handwritten notes or switch over to ebooks, chromebooks, tablets, etc. They both have plenty of benefits to them. But along with the good points, there tends to be bad ones as well. They both are designed differently and teach in different ways. What students want to know is, which one is better for them? Students in Union High School find it common to use a chromebook when given or when granted permission to use their phones to look up information on a topic. There are still some teachers who provide textbooks but it is pretty common for us to use our own devices. Some students claim that they learn better from textbooks and handouts rather than doing online researching because finding the answers online tend to be the easy way out of learning. Is it really the easy way out or are we still comprehending the information just as well as reading out of the book? Comprehending information from textbooks and technology could potentially be different. “People who read print text comprehend more, remember more, and learn more than those who read digital text. The brain interprets printed and digital text in different ways, and people generally read digital text 20-30% slower than print.” (Nicholas Carr) “Tablets help students learn more material…

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