Texas State Constitution : The Texas Constitution Essay example

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Fernando Castillo
Professor Ramirez
Texas Government
25 April, 2015
Texas State Constitution The Texas Constitution is a strong document which defines the states powers and the rights of its people. It is the basis and prime document of Texas, adopted in 1876. The Texas legislature plays as important role when it comes to the constitution “the mission of the Texas Legislative Council is to provide professional, non-partition service and support to the Texas Legislative and legislative agencies” (TLC). The Texas Legislative is responsible for making and passing laws, which are then added to the state’s Constitution. The Texas Constitution is created based on the state’s culture, history, interests, and economical and political development. The Texas Constitution has been shaped by history, structured in way that its people can easily understand, shares several similarities with the United States Constitution, and requires certain procedures in order to be amended. People should appreciate and become more connected with the Texas Constitution, since it provides a basis and teaches how the state of Texas works. Texas has been through seven constitutions over a fifty year timeline (1827-1876). The state has been influenced and governed by different nations. Spain was the first ruler of Texas; they first came to settle in Central Mexico, but later moved north. Then the French came into power, however, Spain regained it. As time progressed and the Mexicans gained their…

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