Tesla Motors ' Mission Statement Essay

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Mission Statement: Tesla Motors’ mission is to create and sell vehicles that will aid in the ability to better the environment. We want to move the world towards sustainable energy. The mission statement above is a great representation of what the corporation is aiming towards. Tesla develops and sells electric cars. The corporation was created in 2003 for that sole purpose. Tesla is working towards proving to the world that electric cars can be better than gasoline automobiles. The corporation is doing business with the shared value creation framework in mind.
Internal Environment Analysis
Core Values
• Honesty
• Respectfulness
• Safety
• Environmental
Tesla Motors has many core values to which it has built its corporation. Honesty, respectfulness, safety, and environmentally conscience are all values they hope to instill in their employees. The corporation wants to be known as an ethical entity who cares not only about the environment but also people.
Company Objective Tesla Motors’ objective is to continue to create electric vehicles which produce zero emissions. The corporation is striving to perform such a task while keeping an ethical structure in place. A goal for Tesla is to continue producing electric cars while aiming to produce them more and more affordable each year. The corporation hopes to do this through an increase in future output, using specialized equipment, and implementing the learning curve. Through these goals, Tesla Motors hopes to decrease the…

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