Tesla's Ethical Adbs: A Case Study

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While Tesla was a visionary leader capable of inspiring and leading change, his divergent ethics while in the pursuit of change painted another picture of the wizard. According to Seifer (1998), with the help of investors he gained due to success at the World Fair, he was able to fund the construction of a wireless telegraph system. However, while in construction, another inventor in Europe stole his patented ideas and successfully created his own system for which Tesla filed suit and lost. Thus, Tesla’s ethical breakdown began. Tesla’s descent from wizard to man resulted from a series of unethical ADBs. First, he did not properly apply Dr. Toner’s 3 Os. He forgot the first ‘O’ by attempting to outdo his competitor in Europe rather than …show more content…
I then hit on his writings and facility serving as IM for his peers, investors, and students. Next, I stated Tesla’s ADBs branded him as an Unethical Leader by forgetting who he owed, failing to order, by reallocating investor’s funds, and failing to do what he ought to have done according to Toner’s 3 Os. Within I noted a False Implication describing the double and triple return on investment. Moreover, I described the situation where I was most like Nikola Tesla because I too had an innovation and properly used change management and inspirational motivation to drive my change world-wide. Lastly, I’ve given an example of how every year, I’ve witnessed and been party to Toner’s 3 Os being disregarded based on False Implications. In order to preserve and build on the legacy earned for us, I must continue to learn and reflect with lesson principles, then apply my knowledge and skills. No matter how visionary, without ethics it would be difficult to inspire and have a lasting legacy which may have ultimately tarnished his name nearly removing him from the history books. Now that I’ve taken a look at the ADBs of the man behind the curtain, it’s easy to see that he was not a wizard after

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