Essay Terrorism Should Not Be Justified

1260 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Terrorist attacks are happening very often now a big question is can it be justified and many feel that it can. Reasons are for example if the U.S Goes to iraq and bombs there cities and towns event more for the recent bombing in paris . people would feel that it is for good reasons . Most terrorism can’t be justified be cause most terrorist attacks aren 't for good reasons most terrorist attacks are for the same reason to kill as many people as possible and we turn the tables and go back and go blow their countries up the civilians over there feel like we 're doing it for bad reason and still the objective is to kill as many terrorist over there in that country and still people feel that terrorism can be justified . Most people in the u.s feel that only our terrorism can be justified because they feel like our bombings and attacks are always in good reasons , but we have to think about the situations that president bush put us in . don 't you think gives them the right to think the bombing and attacks that these 3rd world countries are doing are in good reasons and can be justified for their countries and revenge on us bombing their countries. My opinion on the whole situation is that maybe it can be justified , but you really have to think about it on both sides millions of people are killed in these attacks no mater the intentions , going back to the 9/11 terrorist attack , 2,996 people were killied in that one day November 2007 An international…

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