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Lara Zeyna Altinok


This paper will present answers to the following questions:

1. Provide a description of the company that you work for. As part of your description include a discussion of the type of organizational structure.
2. Describe an agency problem within the firm and discuss what you think is causing the problem and how the problem might be better controlled.
3. Describe the job dimensions of the firm and discuss whether or not you believe the current design is appropriate for the firm. Discuss any suggestions you might have for improving the job design. Grouped by function or by product or geography or a matrix organization? Provide a diagram if helpful to illustrate. Is this organization
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These tasks are what the employee is asked to complete. For instance, one job posting describes variety of tasks as assisting with end-to-end project planning or develop analytical solutions using Excel. For the scope of decision authority dimension, employee is given information on when and how best to complete the assigned tasks. The job dimensions become more specific depending on the specialization required for the tasks. For instance, for an analyst position the posting might read “strong excel skills with ability to use v look-ups or generating pivot tables”. The job design is grouped by function, product, geography or matrix organization because Citigroup is a very large global organization. For example jobs in compliance field can be grouped by function, product, geography or matrix. By function, a compliance manager position for trading might be grouped within this function it can be divided into anti-money laundering and insider trading. By geography same position can be grouped as North America, Latin America, Europe or Asia-Pacific. Citi is very effective in its job design and grouping.
Overall Citi employees are entitled to base salary, health, vision, flexible spending account, and 401K benefits. Life insurance and profit sharing plans are offered as well. In 2012, Sussana Kim revealed that Citigroup’s CEO Pandit, had $15 million in compensation for 2011, which included a base salary of $1.7 million, a cash bonus of $5.3 million,

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