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Most of the time, physical abuse is not recognize by peoples as a serious problem. Physical abuse occurs when someone physically hurts you, such as by hitting you or throwing something at you. Even if someone only hits you once or doesn't hurt you that badly, it is a big deal. It may be not so serious because it seems they’re not badly hurt, but what the people doesn’t know is they are causing harm, a serious harm to that people they hurt physically.Abuse tends to escalate, putting you at greater risk in the future. Just one incident of being physically hurt by anyone is unacceptable, and you should take steps to stop the abuse.
They cause harm in the sense that that even small hurting can cause hidden scars, Hidden scars
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Emotional abuse festers when hidden, and never helped; it damages victims in many ways. It can lead to isolation, depression, loneliness, self-harm and in some extreme cases suicide.

Statement of the problem:

1. What is physical abuse? 2. What is emotional abuse? 3. Who is the cause of emotional and physical abuses? 4. Where emotional and physical abuse does occur? 5. What is the risk of increasing your vulnerability to abuses? 6. What can abuses do to an individual if not prevented? 7. What can an individual do to avoid abuses? 8. What is the result of avoiding abuses?

Significance of the study

The purpose of this study is to provide the students with knowledge and awareness of abuses. Thus, the results of this study will benefit the students.This study is significant because it will provide the facts about abusing, what are the different types of abuses, who are involved, what can possibly happen if not prevented, and how to prevent abusing.
This study will serve as the basis for future students and generations of this University regard to the necessary actions and treating of every student to each other as humans. This will provide guidelines in avoiding abuses unconscious or consciously. Because most of the abusing happens unnoticed by the peoples even they are around. They might be doing it but they did not know that they’re

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