Essay Television's Impacet on College Football

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Frank Perri
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16 February 2010
Television’s Influence on College Football Due to the growing and changing landscape of college sports there have been questions raised about the integrity of academics above athletics. This is a very large issue within college football programs. College football coaches and athletic directors are getting paid more then college presidents and chancellors (“Television’s Impact on College Sports”), football revenues for individual schools have peaked at over $87 million (Fish), and networks are requesting that big time college football games be played on Thursday nights for prime-time viewing. College professors and the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics are strongly opposed
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“College football today is the second most popular sport after the NFL,” according to Larry Scott, Pac-Ten Commissioner (“Television’s Impact on College Sports”). The popularity of the sport has shot through the roof since games first began being broadcast on television.
“In the early 1980’s the NCAA still had exclusive control of all college football broadcasts. In a typical week there were only one or two games on national television. In 1984 the United States Supreme Court said individual schools and conferences were free to negotiate their own television contracts. That landmark decision combined with the rise of cable television fueled an explosion, which continues today. This college football season there were 30-35 games broadcast on national television networks (“Television’s Impact on College Sports”).”
This immense rise in popularity has led to the rise in television interest. Of course all the popularity isn’t a bad thing for the sport, it becomes harmful when it isn’t controlled or becomes controlled by outside entities such as ESPN. Because of the popularity of the sport, there was some conflict this past season. A very big game that determined who would meet Ohio State University in the Rose Bowl was going to be played between the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. ESPN had come to the conclusion that this game would be better suited to be played

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