Television Is The Best Form Of Representation For The Community

829 Words Nov 5th, 2014 4 Pages
As time goes on, television continues to grow more accepting of groups that are considered to be minorities as they introduce a new variety of characters- except ones that appeal to the LGBTQ+ community. While networks have definitely released more openly gay characters, they unfortunately have not provided the best form of representation for the community. Producers seem to believe that if they throw in one openly gay character, they will receive a check mark for diverse inclusion so that their show will continue to to get good ratings. In the past, while television was still in its early days, viewers only received vague hints of a character possibly being queer. This trend continued until around the nineties, where viewers were introduced to openly gay characters such as Will Truman from the popular sitcom Will and Grace. Today, television is in a better state than it was in its previous years. The award-winning comedy Modern Family features Cam and Mitchell, a homosexual couple that is married with an adopted daughter. While this is a huge breakthrough for the LGBTQ+ community, it is not a common trend, and does not meet all of the marks. Television continues to mainly be heteronormative, which is the view that heterosexuality is the most “normal” sexuality. This view can easily be seen in the ample amount of heterosexual/romantic couples featured on shows and in tv movies. If television continues to portray LGBTQ+ characters through stereotypes, ignore the rest of the…

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