Television Between The Sixties And Now Essay

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Television Between the Seventies and Now From the beginning of the early seventies to the present day, television has changed dramatically. Our views on these subjects have changed and has altered the shows being shown. The seventies were more strict on what was shown and anything that wasn’t considered correct. Today’s television is all about exploiting everything that isn’t correct, getting the dirt on people out in the open. Topics like racism, women 's roles, family, and heterosexism have been looked at differently over the decades when it come to television. Women’s roles in television have changed from just being a side character to shows having a woman as the main character. In the shows Dynasty and Scandal, there is a clear difference in how women are viewed. In Dynasty, the women are viewed more as possessions or not of very much importance. The men hold the power and make the money and the decisions,while the women stay at home and look after the house and kids. As a counterpart in present day, in the show Scandal, Olivia Pope is the voice of power and the main character. Olivia calls the shots and everyone listens to her and the power of her numerous social connections, up to and including the President. In the show Modern Family, Claire is allowed to run the company for the day while her dad is away; no one takes her seriously. Gloria is used as a trophy wife for her much older husband Jay. She is mostly used to sell her husband 's product and is seen as a…

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