Telecom Engineer Career Episode Essay

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Career Episode 3
A) Introduction
3.1 This episode describes my participation in the project “Network Engineer Web-Based Viewer “for Al Mozoon Company. The project took place in the period from Jun 2010 until December 2010 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My task as a Senior Telecommunications Network Engineer was to preside over the procession of the project.

B) Background
3.2 Telecommunications companies select and implement Telcordia’s Network Engineer (NE) for one simple reason; they want to manage their network resources efficiently with detailed graphical representation. Network Engineer gives the end-user (engineers and planners) a robust toolbox for creating and editing network detail. However, not every user within the organization
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The reason that my project manager chose me among other engineers is that I accomplished other projects –such like “Intermediate Database” project - in the past couple of years in this company “Al Mozoon”. I will illustrate in the following points the procedure of my work:
3.10 I studied the needs carefully, I set up some interior meetings with few managers in the company who did not know how to use NE, so I can get to know their exact needs while using NE.
3.11 I decided the functionalities that the application should include which are:
Map navigation, Measurement tools, Bookmarking ability, Printing, Attribute explorer, Detail Views explorer, Connections Viewer, Feature Reports (Provides a quantitative report of network elements), Site Connectivity Report (Provides a connectivity diagram) and System Security.
3.12 I created a flow chart that contained the whole procedure of creating this application and every resource needed for this job. Then I had to send it to my project manager for approval.
3.13 After getting the approval, I wrote the Functional Design Specification (FDS) and sent it to the IT team to make the application with the ordered functionality.
3.14 I wrote the Test Procedure Plan for testing the Web Viewer. I made the test and sent a feedback to the IT team about the bugs which occurred during the test in order to solve them.
3.15 While I was reporting the bugs and writing my feedback, I came up with

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