Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Essay

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An extra seven pounds can keep you from accomplishing a lot of things at an early age in life. At an early age, teenagers are mostly thinking about graduating high school or what colleges are out there for their future. While carrying extra pounds, teenage mothers can not accomplish graduating on time and have to think about their kid’s future instead. Teenage pregnancy is a serious problem because there should be ways to prevent teen pregnancy, teenage pregnancy programs should be taught to students of all ages in schools, and teen pregnancy affects their education and future. First, teenage pregnancy is a serious problem because it should be ways to prevent teen pregnancy. “Other priority populations for CDC’s teen pregnancy prevention efforts include young people in foster care and the juvenile justice system, and those otherwise living conditions of risk”(Centers for Disease control). To …show more content…
“Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school” (pregnancy myths). Even though some people may think that is not the only reason, teen pregnancy is the majority of the dropouts of a average high school. Also there have been cases where it is not only just high school students that are becoming pregnant, but middle school students too. Majority of teenage mothers do not in the least graduate from high school. The reason for that teen mothers delay on getting their ged and some do not have time to get it. The children of teenage mothers are most likely to have low school achievement and dropout. Teenage mothers have to drop out during rough times and do not get all the information they need to get a decent job. Since January 1st of 2015, 22 states and the District of Columbia demand that public schools teach sex education. That is a good way to start teaching sex education in many states, but as a whole need to work more harder to influence sex education among all

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