Teenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teenage Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is one of the largest socially controversial issues in the majority of first world countries like America. However, in many other countries, teenage pregnancy is a normal occurrence, if not obligatory. In several other countries women are expected to be married and a mother before the age of 20. In America, the teenage years are viewed as a time for growing and learning, not raising a child. Therefore, when a teen gets pregnant in the current day and age, they are scolded, shunned, and looked down upon. Despite the common dislike towards teenage pregnancy, according to statistics from 2006, the estimated teen pregnancy rate in America is 71.5 pregnancies per 1,000 girls from age 15 to 19. Just as teenage pregnancy is looked down upon, so is getting an abortion. Therefore, many teenage girls go through a very tough struggle to figure out what to do for themselves and/or their babies. Many feel like either way the situation is handled, their life will become very difficult for them or their babies . Two questions remain in the end: One, what is the stigma on teen pregnancy, and how should the situation be handled?
Teenage pregnancy in the United States is looked down upon by society. One may ask, why are many so against this? Well the answer lies within several different reasons. For starters, in the current American society, teenagers are looked at as people who are still developing emotionally and lack in the financial ability to take…

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