Teenage Pregnancy And Legal Trouble Essay

1285 Words Nov 7th, 2016 6 Pages
The way parents teach their children changes throughout their childhood life by how they parent their children. Many families deal with divorce in today 's society mainly because of financial situations. Parents have the biggest job by understanding how they want to raise their children and who they want them to become. Many parents choose whether they want to raise their children very strict or letting them grow with less rules. Parents that are strict on their children tend to lose their trust by the choices their child makes toward parenting.

The more strict you are to your children the more they want to do wrong. Most common parents raise their child leaving a choice on how they choose to parent their child and it start by how much the parents income is. Living in a rich environment having less crime and having more freedom in children 's life could lead to problems. But, living in a low income society tends to have more crimes but also more exposure to reality. Pew Research center discusses, “Concerns about teenage pregnancy and legal trouble are also more prevalent among lower-income parents.” (Pew Research center)This explains that income has a higher stake in parenting their children in certain areas and the lack of supervision in parenting. Parents are more protective of younger children then if they were older. The reason of this is that it leads to the lack of knowledge, younger children know why parents are more protective than older children. Most families…

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