Teenage Parents And Children Of Adult Mothers Essay

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death. Additionally, adolescent parents often lack the emotional maturity to cope healthily with the stresses of parenting, causing them to handle the stress in an unhealthy manner. Accordingly, babies born to teenagers are more likely to be neglected, abused, or abandoned. This frequently causes emotional/mental difficulties later on in the child’s life (e.g. post-traumatic-stress-disorder, eating disorders, depression). Correspondingly, children born to teenage parents have a higher chance of engaging in sexual activity at an age younger than is healthy or safe. Furthermore, the pregnant teenager is likely still trying to find their identity and if not yet found, it is likely their child will not feel a secure sense of trust as the teenage mother is unable to provide sufficient emotional stability to the child. In well-controlled studies, it has been found that children of teenage mothers do worse in school compared to children of adult mothers. As mentioned in the paragraphs regarding effects on teenage parents, teenage parents have a stronger chance of becoming dysfunctional in the family, which would emotionally affect the child to a notable degree.

Furthermore, teenage pregnancy affects both the teenage mother and the teenage father’s parents. Parents of pregnant teenagers may find it difficult and confusing to parent a teenager who is / is becoming a parent. Also, parents of pregnant teenagers are usually responsible for providing the teenager with extra financial,…

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