Teen Pregnancy : Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Teen Pregnancy
Teenagers are always looking to follow the newest trends -- particularly the girls--. The newest and most popular one is one that doesn’t force girls to squeeze themselves into skinny jeans or waste money on a new pair of jordans. What is it? Hollywood’s newest and latest trend, babies. Teenaged girls instead of going out and having fun with their friends are now spending all their time at home taking care of their own children. Many people think this a bad thing but I have to disagree, sixteen is the perfect age to start having kids. By this age your body still has the ability to bounce back from all the strains of childbirthing and most teens have a driver 's license or permit. This makes it a whole lot easier for them to get around with a child instead of having to take public transportation. Also it offers a lot of possibilities for young girls, for instance due to the increasing popularity of hit TV shows like “MTV’s”, “Teen Mom” girls are no longer ashamed of becoming pregnant. Instead they run straight for the cameras hoping to be the next big teen mom star. Think about it, you wouldn’t have to worry about school or college because you’ll be making millions of dollars being a reality TV star. Girls will also receive access to things like, “...health care, child care, family housing, and other critical supports”(hhs.gov) given to them by the OAH’s Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF). So even if you didn’t make it onto your own TV show, you still can receive…

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