Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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The topic I chose to discuss is that of teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy during the year of 2012, there was over 100,000 babies that were born to adolescences between the ages of 15 to 19 years of age. Though the numbers may seem high it is actually a 6% drop from the previous year 2011. Teen Pregnancy is considered difficult due to the continuous pressure to not only fit in but to also identify with who you are. The scholarly article I selected discusses the necessity for teenagers (especially the female) to receive parenting education, healthy life style decisions, coping strategies, and education success planning (Kirven, 2014). The article expresses no specific number of participants that were studied or researched. However the author conducts his own thorough research seeking out the information needed to complete his scholarly article.
The scholarly article attempts to shed light on the cons associated with young teens having a baby too early. There is so much development to be had still when young teenage mothers have babies. Research conducted in 2002, establishes that not all teen pregnancies are unintended but in fact that 20% of teen pregnancies are intentional (Kirven, 2014). The results of the research are primarily concerned with female’s ages 15-19 years of age, not to say that teenage males aren’t affected by having babies at such a young age. However, when pregnancy occurs most of the attention and resources are focused on the female who is visually…

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