Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Rates Essay example

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Description of the Problem: School and family partnerships are lacking in the community to help decrease teenage pregnancy and their dropout rates. With declining adolescent birth rate, according to (Kail & Cavanuagh, 2016) 1 in six young women will become pregnant. (pg. 311). Majority of teen pregnancies will be unintended due to teens using birth control incorrectly. When teens discover the pregnancy; this typically throws young lives into chaos. Forcing the adolescent to make the most painful decision of their life. Should she carry the baby? Or does she end the pregnancy? We hope she knows she has parental support, for guidance to be sure to make a choice. Adolescents sometimes fear rejection or abuse at home. So, most adolescent pregnancies are kept a secret as long as possible. As a result, they often fail to receive prenatal care and counseling during the crucial early months of fetal development. My sister became pregnant when she was 13. She kept this secret for 8 months of her pregnancy. Our family was unaware of anything. She did not receive prenatal care during her pregnancy. Needless to say, she went through a lot without any support from family, teachers, and friends. This example is personal, but goes to show how young girls fear what others will say or do. In my experience, school counselors ignore issues of this magnitude for the fear of legal and ethical reasons surrounding this topic. According to www.schoolcounselor.org “it is very important to know…

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