Theodore Roosevelt Reaction Paper

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My knowledge level of Theodore Roosevelt was pretty low. I guess you can say I knew the basics like how he was President of the United States, has his face sculpted on Mt. Rushmore, and that his face is on the American dime. I had no idea of how great of a president he had been. I was impressed on how he invited Booker T. Washington into the White House early in his presidency. He did it because in his mind it was the right thing to do. With the end of the Civil War having only been 30 or so years there is no doubt he would expect some backlash from his actions. He just wanted to show credit where credit was due. Roosevelt intervening with the industry monopoly in the early 1900’s was great for the nation. I could just imagine if he would …show more content…
He saw nature and fell in love and also felt the need to protect it from potential human threats. I wonder what the United States would look like if Roosevelt had not protected millions of acres of beautiful land and animals. He was truly looking out for the future of the Nation.
Roosevelt going out of his way for the mining strike was the right thing to do. He served as a strong midpoint for both parties and was able to work things out. Being the kind of president he was attracted some businessmen and being the kind of person he was attracted the citizens of the country he was leading. Now, without a doubt I know why Theodore Roosevelt is considered one of the best presidents of the United States and completely agree. He was a very confident man and it showed through his actions over the course of events that he stumbled upon, and that is what a president should
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Either you burn to death or jump out the window and suffer the same faith. The description captured in the Chicago Tribune focused on the dead bodies. Many who had jumped from the ninth floor or burned to death. Almost like a “pick your poison” type of thing. I had to read the section “Fire” twice to get a better understanding of the circumstances. The workers were treated worse than animals while on the job. I think many circumstances go into effect when it comes to the cause of the fire. You have smokers involved, children, and a small confined space along with gas operating machinery. Did anybody not see this coming? No matter what job it is, it is always better to work safe and the event was preventable if the proper people had stepped in and helped the

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