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Ted Talks Write-Up # 2
I. Name and background of presenter (Approximately ½ of a single-spaced page).

Hugh Evans was the presenter. Evans is the Founder and CEO of the Global Poverty Project. When he was very young Evans spent time in the Philippines living among people that lived in filth and severe poverty. He said that when he was younger, he asked a lot of questions, most of them were “Why” questions. As he sat amongst the filth and poverty with the friends he met while on his travels, he asked the same question, “why”. Why did he have so much and they have so little? Why didn’t the governments of these countries do something about the dire circumstances of their people?
He initially started the Oaktree Foundation, a youth-run aid organization,
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More people look to buy products and services from companies that are socially responsible. Evans along with his many supporters strongly pursue and put pressure on companies and other organizations to be better global citizens and to find solutions, not a band aid, for the poorest global citizens of our world.
Evans strongly feels that there are certain elements to create social change and they involve political factors, business engagement, and private sector contributors.
As we go on to earn our degrees in what I am assuming are mostly business majors, we should seek out organizations that want to contribute to social change and we should want to be a part of that social change, we may even be the people within an organization who start the social change. If we all act together, we can contribute to social change and we can make a positive difference in the world we all live in not just the little cities we all live in. IV. What was the speaker’s major point that you found most interesting or surprising? Critique their presentation. (350 words strongly
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It is an interesting idea and one I feel that it is a starting point of a longer, more in depth talk to come in the future about what we can do as an individual to make a difference other than provide money, because let’s face it, we all do not have that much to donate and we may feel like our little pitiful amounts would do nothing to help on the large scale that is desperately needed.

VI. What three questions would you ask the presenter and WHY? (200 words strongly suggested)

Question #1
Why did you decide to start Global Poverty? I would ask this question because he could have gone back to his cushy life and forgotten about the poorest individuals of this world. He saw something that others didn’t and I really want to know what he saw in the worked that made him think that it was possible to make such a difference in the world.

Question #2
What project from your organization are you most proud of?

He has pulled so many events together that made an impact and brought so many important people together. I really want to know which one he thinks made the biggest difference, which one may have had the biggest impact and really got the ball

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